We are raised from a young age to be kind to others. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. But who would have thought that being kind has positive side effects for you?

Kindness is proven to make us happier. The good feeling that you get after doing something kind for a person is due to elevated levels of the brain’s natural opioids. These cause the dopamine level in your brain to increase, and create a natural high.

Kindness can help strengthen your relationships as well. We feel more attracted towards and bonded with people who are kind to us. So, when we are kind to each other, we feel a deeper connection, and relationships are strengthened.

But kindness doesn’t just have interpersonal and mood benefits- it is actually proven to slow aging and give us healthier hearts. Being kind creates the hormone oxytocin in the brain, which causes the release of the chemical nitric oxide in your blood vessels. Nitric oxide expands blood vessels, which helps to reduce blood pressure, in turn making your heart healthier. Oxytocin also reduces inflammation in the cardiovascular system and helps to slow down aging at its source.

So, you may not see your wrinkles improved with an act of kindness, but with continuously kind interactions you will slow your aging, make your heart healthier, strengthen your relationships, and be happier! You don’t have to turn your life around, just start with a few, simple acts of kindness each day. These ten tips are for small acts of kindness you can perform any day:

  1. Smile at one extra person.
  2. Let someone go in line in front of you, whether you’re waiting in the checkout line or at a coffee shop.
  3. Call or write a note to someone important to you, and thank them for their presence in your life.
  4. Send a nice message to someone you know is struggling.
  5. Donate unwanted clothes & household goods to a shelter or non-profit in your community.
  6. Include a compliment in the next email you send.
  7. Eat a meal with someone new- whether you’re at the office, at school, or just running errands.
  8. Go digital by downloading Kindr from the Apple App Store. You can brighten a person’s day by sending them a compliment.
  9. Cook a healthy meal for your family or friends.
  10. Bring a treat to your neighbor or your co-workers.


Try them out and comment below with YOUR results! See you next week!

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