Simply put, Molly works miracles! I am a very active, cancer-surviving female. I have a regular exercise program that includes both strength training and cardio as well as a bit of amateur bodybuilding. I enjoy keeping up with my three grandchildren but found that over the years, I had developed severe pain in my lower back and hips. It got to the point where I lost mobility in my right leg and could no longer run — my leg just would not allow it. Sitting became unbearable after five minutes. I tried physical therapy as well as other stretching techniques, but nothing seemed to help me. I met with Molly for a consultation and was so impressed with the questions she asked and attention she gave to me during the consult. Then I experienced my first Structural Integration session. When it ended, I sat up, looked at Molly, and asked, “Where have you been all my life?” My pain had decreased by 90% after that very first session. Even more impressive, I could run again! I was absolutely sold on Molly and Structural Integration. I’ve referred others to Molly and each one has been rejuvenated and restored in similar and remarkable ways. If you’re in pain, I highly recommend that you set up a consult and try this experience for yourself. I think then you might believe in miracles, too.

SueAge 55Sales Management

My mom brought me to see Molly when I was playing basketball and broke my nose.  A ball came flying off the rim of a basketball shot and I wasn’t looking.  My nose started swelling and eyes got puffy from the accident.  The doctor examined me and said it was a ‘clean’ break.  No surgery would be necessary if the swelling didn’t make anything worse.  Molly did some light and comfortable work (I fell asleep) a few times and later, the doctor confirmed no surgery due to her help with the swelling.

Lilah13Teenager & Student

After 3 children, my body wasn’t in the shape I desired.  The 10-series helped give me the awareness and balance I wanted for the last 8 years of having babies.  I can now play with the kids, do yoga and relax with greater ease and joy.

JessicaAge 35Non-Profit Management

Molly has helped me gain a new sense of confidence in the way I carry myself and how I think about my physical presence. I saw her for ten sessions, and I have achieved the goals I had upon my first visit. Most importantly, I feel I’ve been given a fresh start with my whole body. I initially hoped to correct an alignment issue that had impeded my confidence and prevented me from good posture. As I enter the professional world, it’s crucial that good posture feels natural to me. I honestly couldn’t imagine going to interviews and meetings without these improvements in how I stand, sit and walk. The aspect of wellness has been fantastic. Words I’ve used to describe my experience are floaty, lighter, and taller. Molly gives constructive and personalized help that is very easy to adopt. I couldn’t be happier with my experience!

AnnAge 24Freelance Writer & Consultant

A pony kicked and hit my face a few years ago.  After several surgeries to repair the floor of my eye socket and facial scars, I found Molly.  She helped me feel better in my body after scarring on my face left me afraid of public spaces because people stare at me.  With her help, my scars are nearly invisible and I can smile and raise my eyebrows better than ever!

LindseyAge 58Horse Trainer

At age 40 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I chose to have a radical mastectomy and hysterectomy with augmentation.  Since then, I’ve had two augmentations due to complications from the first.   Subsequently, I have scarring across my chest, breast tissue, underarms and back.  They used a muscle from my back to assist the augmentation.  Until I found scar tissue therapy, I had been suffering from chronic pain from the surgeries and dense scars.  Molly smoothed out the scars, minimizing appearance and has almost depleted my chronic pain.

PeggyAge 66Retired

Thanks to Molly’s gifted hands and talent I was able to shave off minutes to my marathon time with her custom health plans!  Body Restoration and Molly are my first phone call to help train and give me an athletic edge!

MikeAge 38Small Business Owner

Going from meetings to the golf course didn’t fair well for my body.  One my of buddies was working with Molly to help improve his athletic performance and I figured why not try something holistic?  I was no longer feeling and looking my ‘best.’  Molly was able to gather my health history and calculate how often I needed to come and what my results could be.  Molly’s custom health plan kicked my skepticism to the curb surpassing my expectations.  Who knew structural integration and yoga would help my business and golf game!?

AaronAge, 27Venture Capitalist

After surgical repair for a knee injury, I turned to Body Restoration for scar tissue therapy and the structural integration 10-series.  Molly decreased my healing time, minimized the appearance of my surgical scars and I was able to start physical therapy earlier than the orthopedic surgeon anticipated.  Turn no further than Molly and Body Restoration!

JohnAge 51Senior VP

With Molly’s help, I’m investing in my long-term healthfulness. Structural Integration with Body Restoration is a critical piece in my health plan. I’m an athlete. I run. I cycle. And as I enter into my late 40s, ignoring the aches and pains that sometimes come with these activities is more difficult. My body is a little less forgiving. The question is: Is that inevitable with age? Or is it the cumulative effect of bad structural habits? Through Molly’s work, I’m retraining my body to ensure it’s ready to do what I want to do. Now I run differently. I drive differently. Heck, I even get up from chairs differently! Structural Integration is my long-term investment in me. The me that wants to go places, see things and stay independent — and stay strong doing them.

JulieAge 48Freelance Writer

I’ve always been afraid of doing yoga because I think of myself inflexible.  After meeting Molly and understanding there are several forms of yoga and ways to create flexibility, we designed a series of postures for my goals.  Within a few private sessions, I felt confident to experience yoga in a classroom.  Now I can stretch further, sit longer with no discomfort and becoming flexible.

JenniferAge 36CPA

Molly is a body genius! I’m a runner, and I started feeling pain in a muscle that I was unable to stretch out and relieve sufficiently. I also experienced pain and tightness between my shoulder blades for the past couple of years from all the time bent over a desk. I tried to fix my upper back pain through visits to the chiropractor and a massage therapist. Unfortunately, the relief I gained from these appointments was short-lived. I desperately sought a more effective and non-invasive option. I met with Molly for an initial consultation and was impressed by her professionalism, warmth, and talent to educate. I could feel an immediate difference after my first Structural Integration appointment. It was amazing! Then, I sprained my ankle severely before my second appointment with Molly. She used scar-tissue therapy techniques that alleviated the pain and expedited my healing. Molly’s technique is gentle and effective. I do not recall ever being sore after an appointment. Yet she has provided the most effective therapy to address my body’s pains. It has been over three months since I finished the ten-series and the level of pain I experienced has not returned, nor have I visited a chiropractor or massage therapist. I’ve recommended Molly to everyone I know!

TaraAge 40Pastor

I spent many years wanting to do Structural Integration treatments but I was afraid of how painful they may be. I decided to take a chance. I started treatments with Molly over a year ago. After meeting Molly I knew I had come to the right practitioner. Not only did Molly create a safe, comfortable and soothing environment— the actual treatment never hurt once. It was such a calming and balancing experience that I will continue to see Molly though my initial series of treatments is complete. Molly is extremely wise about the body and how it works and truly takes a holistic mind, body, and spirit approach when helping her clients. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

StaceyAge 44Consultant & Botique Owner

I’d take out a second mortgage on my home to pay for Molly’s services!  She’s given me my life back allowing me to move freely, consistently and pain free.  Don’t give it a second thought – schedule now!

MarilynAge 85Retired

At 42, I was overweight and chronic low back pain.  I started working out regularly and lost 50 pounds.  It was time for me to start living and experiencing life with more vitality.  Molly helped me lose more weight, gain confidence in my body and I stand up straight with no back pain.  You’re the best!

DerrickAge 42Investment Strategist

I feel better and more fluid than I have in years — like the Tin Man once he gets oil. Amazing! Before I saw Molly, I felt like I was somewhere along the diagram that illustrates the evolution of mankind, but not quite upright. Now I stand tall and I’m training for a 5K, because I feel more confident that I can handle it. At 47, I was starting to feel 77. Now I feel much younger. I tried massage and chiropractors but nothing worked as well as Structural Integration. I get up off the table and feel absolutely energized. I asked Molly if I am her star patient, because it has made such a difference for me. If everyone responds even fractionally as well as I did, they we see huge benefits to their health.

SarahAge 47Copywriter