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smallerlogoservicesStep one: Let’s sit down and talk.

My main goal is to get you feeling better and to improve your body’s performance — for the long-term. Your body is unique. My approach to helping you feel your best is customized to suit you — and may vary given your health, your history and your goals. At your free consultation, we’ll do a comprehensive intake of your health history. I’ll ask a series of questions to gain a clear understanding of your overall health. From there, we’ll discuss next steps.


Step TwO: Get Wellsmallerlogoservices

Structural Integration

Also known as the Rolf method, or Rolfing®, it’s a process to re-educate the body through hands-on manipulation and movement. Structural Integration focuses on the connective tissue of the body (called fascia) and releases patterns of tendency, creating greater freedom and comfort within the body. Keep Reading…



Step Three: Be Well

Scar Tissue Therapy

Scars from surgery, broken bones, acne and other bodily trauma can leave you feeling less than whole. If a recent surgery like a C-section, a mastectomy or knee/hip replacement has left an unsightly or painful mark, or if a bad cut hasn’t healed property — there’s good news: additional healing and less pain are possible. Keep Reading…


Step Four: Stay Wellsmallerlogoservices


Once you’ve begun to re-educate and heal your body through Structural Integration, Yoga is the logical — and best — next step. Re-training your body means you understand the importance of staying healthy for the long-term. Yoga helps you get there — and stay there. Keep Reading…


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