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Coconut oil is the new Windex for everyone who is not Gus Portokalos from My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002).  Though some people accuse the new-found obsession with coconut oil of being a fad, it’s a fact that this oil has been used for thousands of years in tropical cultures. There are new studies showing that coconut oil can help to reverse the effect of Alzheimer’s and can promote thyroid health, but how can you use coconut oil every day?

Here are 10 easy ways to start lessening your use of harmful chemicals:

  1. Use coconut oil on a Q-tip as an eye-makeup remover.
  2. Rub on lips as a natural chap stick.
  3. Use in cooking- coconut oil is great for baking and as a replacement to butter.
  4. Mix with salt and use as an exfoliate to remove dry skin on feet.
  5. Blend coconut oil into your coffee or tea each day- it acts like a creamer.
  6. Remove chewing gum that’s been ground into your carpet or stuck in your child’s hair.
  7. Use a dry, soft cloth to apply coconut oil as leather polish.
  8. Help your furry friend out by applying coconut oil to your dog’s cracked paw pads.
  9. Use coconut oil to detangle without yanking, ripping out, or breaking hair.
  10. Got a squeaky hinge on your fridge or pantry door? Rub a little coconut oil into the hinges to stop the squeaking.

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