It has been far too long since the world has heard my voice (or read my writing for that matter). Despite the radio silence…the Live Life Well Blog continues on. When life brings you lemons, you plant the seeds and grow a lemon tree. And as many of you know, I’ve been continuing my education so I can do more of what I love in life. I will share more about what that means in the coming months.

For the past several weeks, I’ve been hanging around a few animals. A few more than I usually do…and I love it. I wanted to share a little about the extraordinary abilities that pets have to make us healthier beings. As a dog lover myself, I’ve experienced the healing power that a furry friend has. And with a little research, you might second guess whether you have room in your life for a 4-legged family member.

The Power of Pets

Pets Lower Stress Levelsdog on bed

While it’s hard to imagine that bringing home a new nervous puppy who needs potty training can lower your level of stress…it’s actually proven in various studies around the
world that pets can lower your stress levels from day one. If you’re living a stress-free life already (yeah, right), you might not experience this as much at first. In a study of 48 individuals, during stressful situations, the blood pressure and heart rate of the 24 pet owners remained more stable than those of the 24 non-pet owners. Just looking at your dog will help you feel happier.


walking the dogPets keep you active

A study of 5,000+ individuals concluded that dog owners were 54% more likely to achieve recommended levels of physical activity compared to non-dog owners. One NIH-study followed 2,500 adults, 71 to 82 years old.They concluded that those who took their dogs out regularly had more physical stamina, walked faster and further, and had more mobility inside the house. And if that’s not convincing enough, dog-owners walk an average of 300 minutes per week, nearly 2x the amount as non-dog owners.


Pets Can Make You Social

Pet owners know…you’re going to have a hard time keeping to yourself when you walk the dog. Even if you don’t want to meet new people…your pet is most likely going to force you to. Animals are natural icebreakers and amazing conversation starters. When a stranger tells you how adorable your pet is, they will go on to tell you about their own dog or cat. Before you know it, you’re connecting on other shared interests. You’ve now made yourself a friend and you’re probably going to have to setup a puppy play date!


puppy eyesPets Will Make You SMile

If nothing else, you’ll be able to look at your pet and have a hard time not smiling. Pets have the ability to sense emotions. When you feel sad, you’re going to make your pet feel sad. And seeing your puppy’s sad puppy eyes…you can’t help but want to make him/her feel happier.


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